Serafina Clara





Serafina is a customer obsessed, creative marketing professional with a passion for helping brands develop their digital strategy through the lens of equity and accessibility for all. Her career is focused on influencing the wide-spread adoption of inclusive marketing as the new standard.

Her creative & curious nature, combined with her non-traditional experience, allows for a unique perspective and outside the box solutions. She thrives in a fast-paced environment with other hard-working individuals and is excited at the opportunity to learn and grow - both personally, and professionally.

Outside of work, Serafina is an avid dog lover, big sister of 4, and plant mom. A born and raised Washingtonian, she enjoys spending her free time in nature or a cozy café. She currently resides in West Seattle, but dreams of someday owning property to build a home with her own food garden.


With a background in coffee service, education and café management; Serafina searched for something new that would spark her interest in the long term. She started working in the technology space in 2017 on contract with the Microsoft Surface Events team. While this was an amazing opportunity and learning experience, after a year she realized she wanted to break into a more tactical marketing role.

She was offered the opportunity to work as the Chief of Staff for Christina Klein, the CEO of Klein & Co - a marketing consulting company. Christina was contracted to Movere as the VP of marketing at the time, and was asked to move into a FTE position as CRO, leaving a hole in their marketing department. As she transitioned into her new role and phased out her other contracts, Serafina was brought in to help with Movere’s Marketing operations.

At Movere she quickly realized her interest peaked in the digital space as she took over managing Movere's website and social channels. She enjoys learning about the ever-changing technology industry, as she translates tech talk to consumable content. After a fantastic year with huge growth and success in sales & marketing, Movere was acquired by Microsoft.


Serafina hopes to continue pursuing her passion for equity, equality, and inclusion for all in the marketing space. Her goal is to move into a brand and digital strategy role, with the focus and freedom to continue promoting her passions through her work. She believes in customer obsession, the importance of partnerships, and equal rights for all.